Past Shows:

June 30th Ex Eye Roskilde Festival Roskilde, Denmark

New band. First Show. More Details as they become public.

March 5th 3.5.7. Ensemble/Restroy The Bridge Charlottesville, VA

I'll be joining my friends Chris Damman, Nick Anaya, James Davis and John Niekrasz to play some music in Charlottesville.

March 4th 3.5.7. Ensemble/Restroy Black Iris Richmond, VA

I'll be joining my dudes Chris Damman, Nick Anaya, James Davis and John Niekrasz to play some of Chris' music in RVA.

January 29th Never Enough Hope (california edition) w/Gojogo Starline Social Club Oakland, California

Celebrating the new LP in California, with a special mostly-California version of the band.
Sharing the bill with Gojogo, DJ sets by the Native Disinformant, visuals by Terri Lowenthan and Rumi Kushino.

November 17th Tim Daisy "On the Ground" plus Solo Tob The Meridian The Meridian Coffeehouse Williamsburg, VA

Tim Daisy brings his mind-blowing On the Ground piece to Williamsburg, and I'll play when he's done.

October 3rd Never Enough Hope "The Gravity of Our Commitment" record release Constellation Chicago, IL

Never Enough Hope releases our new record "The Gravity of Our Commitment."
It'll be a big party, come out out!

August 12th Sky Birds Bar Below Rye New York City, NY

Playing with Jaimie Branch's Sky Birds
Jaimie Branch- Trumpet
Chris Welcome- Guitar
Booker Stardrum-Drums
Toby- Bass

August 1st Solo Toby, RESTROY, Blood Moon The Bridge Charlottesville, VA

I'll be playing a solo set, and joining Chris Damman's group RESTROY. C-ville improvising group Blood Moon closes out the night.

Come on out, Charlottesvillans!

May 9th Qlaud (Kevin Davis/Toby Summerfield) The Tea Bazaar Charlottesville, VA

Reuniting with Kevin Davis in Qlaud. Dense, Loud, Noisy.
Playing with Groam & Joan Son of Groam and Errantry.

March 14th 357 Ensemble The Bridge Charlottesville, VA

Another night with 357! 8pm - 10pm

March 13th 3 5 7 Ensemble Miller's Charlottesville, VA

Playing guitar with the 357 Ensemble in Charlottesville. 10 pm to 2 am!

February 20th Toby Solo with Zooanzoo The Meridian Coffeehouse Williamsburg, VA

Solo electric Tob sharing the bill with Zooanzoo.


November 14th Solo Tob Experimental Music Showcase The Meridian Coffeehouse Williamsburg, VA

Tonight I'll be closing a show of local experimental musicians at Thee Venerable Meridian Coffeehouse.
Laura Cooper (beat-oriented electronic), Alaric Powell (no-wave/noise), Okavango(free Jazz) will play before I do.
The cover is $2, and I'll give a cd to anyone who asks.

October 19th Superhuman Happiness The Camel (Richmond, Va) Richmond, VA

I will be sitting in with my dear old friend Stuart Bogie's band Superhuman Happiness. I will have the most fun of anyone in the room.

We'll play first, all in red, then Marco Benevento will close the show.

June 7th Rhys Chatham; A Secret Rose (Birmingham) Frontiers Music Festival Town Hall, Victoria Square Birmingham, United Kingdom

I'll be leading a section in the UK premier of Rhys Chatham's A Secret Rose as part of the Frontiers Music Festival.

May 10th Jaimie Branch's Bombshelter Jaimie Branch's Graduate Recital Center for the Arts Recital Hall, Towson University Baltimore, MD

Happy to go up to Baltimore to play with Jaimie Branch's Bombshelter again. It's Jaimie's graduate recital, which means she'll shortly be a Master!

April 19th Toby Solo Sky is Falling The Meridian Coffeehouse Williamsburg, VA

I am part of the 2014 Meridian Coffeehouse "Sky Is Falling" festival. I'm on at 630ish to coincide with pizza. 

March 12th Bill MacKay, Matt Lux wsg Tim Stine and Toby Summerfield Honky Tonk BBQ Chicago , IL

Tim Stine and I will be Joining the Inimitable Bill "Biggs" MacKay and Matt Lux on the wednesday night residency at Honky Tonk BBQ.

March 10th Nick Broste, Keefe Jackson, Jeff Kimmel, Matt Lux, Tim Stine, Toby Summerfield Ratchet Series the Skylark Chicago, Il

Two sets of lightly controlled improvising. Jackson and Kimmel on Clarinets, Broste on Trombone and Electronics, Lux on Bass and electronics, Stine on acoustic guitar, and Summerfield on electric.

February 21st Solo Guitar The Meridian Coffeehouse Williamsburg, VA

Virginia Debut performance at ye olde Meridian Coffeeshop.

Sharing the bill with Lili and the Dirty Moccasins.

November 17th Rhys Chatham's "A Secret Rose" for 100 guitars Other Minds Craneway Pavillion Richmond, California

I will be section-leading and Sub-Conducting a performance of Rhys Chatham's piece "A Secret Rose" for 100 electric guitars.

October 21st Stine/Summerfield Six Ratchet Series the Skylark Chicago, Il

Music by Tim Stine (guitar) and Toby Summerfield (bass). Played with Nick Anaya-tenor, Nick Mazzarella-alto, James Davis-Trumpet and Tim Daisy-drums.

October 20th The Peninsula Trio: Kimmel, Roebke, Summerfield Sunday Transmission Series The Hungry Brain Chicago, IL

Playing Trio First set with Jeff Kimmel and Jason Roebke. Music sort-of inspired by the Giuffre Trio.

Second Set; bAgg fisH-
Marcos Baggiani - drums and effects
Michael Fischer - reeds and effects

October 19th Daisy, Hatwich, Roasly, Summerfield Protest:Heaven Heaven Gallery Chicago, IL

Rosaly/Daisy drums, Hatwich bass, Summerfield guitar. We're Second

First is CPA: Christopher Preissing, Peter Maunu, Albert Wildeman

September 10th Jamie Branch's Bombshelter The Windup Space Baltimore, Maryland

It's time for a treat for Toby, going back to baltimore to Bombshelter it up with Jaimie Branch, Chris Pumphrey, Jarrett Gilgore, Alan Munshower and a replacement for Kevin Davis.


May 5th Bombshelter w/Leap and Talking Points The Undead Music Festival's Day of the DIY The Fifth Dimension @ the H&H Building Baltimore, MD

Joining Jaimie Branch's Bombshelter in Baltimore.

Derrick Michaels- tenor saxophone
Dan Ryan- guitar
Savino Palumbo- rhodes
Alex Weber- bass
Mike Kuhl- drums

Dave Ballou- trumpet
John Dierker- tenor saxophone
Dan Ryan- guitar
Chris Pumphrey- rhodes

Jaimie Branch- trumpet
Jarrett Gilgore- alto saxophone
Chris Pumphrey- rhodes
cello- Probably Kevin Davis
Toby Summerfield- bass
Alan Munshower- drums

March 29th The Wheel On My Back Kenton Club Portland, oregon

A reunion of the Wheel On My Back. First gig together in this lineup since 2005. Part of the Tillinghast/Williams wedding weekend.

Strand, Stetson, Tillinghast, Farrell, Perney, Summerfield.

March 24th Tim Daisy, Anton Hatwich, Keefe Jackson, Toby Summerfield Sunday Transmission Series The Hungry Brain Chicago, IL

On a quick visit to chicago I will get to do some improvising with the inimitable Mssrs Daisy, Hatwich and Jackson.

We'll be sharing the bill with The Charles Rumback Quintet.

March 9th Jaimie Branch's Bombshelter The Windup Space and Mobtown Studios 4th annual NOVO festival The Windup Space Baltimore, Maryland

As part of the the NOVO Instrumental Music Festival. I'll be playing in Branch's Bombshelter for the second time in Baltimore. Branch-Trumpet, Jarrett Gilgore-Saxophone, Kevin Davis-Cello, Alan Munshower-Drums, Chris Pumphrey-Rhodes. Gonna be a burner

December 12th Jaimie Branch's Bombshelter The Windup Space Baltimore, Maryland

First time out with Branch's Bombshelter in Baltimore. Killer band, going to be a killer show.

September 23rd Fred Lonberg-Holm, Frank Rosaly, Quin Kirchner, Toby Summerfield Last stop on the Farewell Tour Hungry Brain Chicago, Illinois

Quartet improvisations with Fred, Frank and Quin. Fred brought his tenor guitar in addition to his cello, frank and quin played drums. I brought guitar and bass.

Hear the set here

September 22nd Josh Berman/Toby Summerfield Duo Protest:Heaven Heaven Gallery Chicago, IL

Playing duo with Josh Berman, cornet/bass. 2nd stop on the farewell tour.

September 19th Kimmel, Roebke, Riordan, Summerfield 4tet AND Broste, Herndon, Lux, Summerfield 4tet The Hideout Chicago , IL

Two Quartets to start off the Farewell tour. First is Jeff Kimmel-Bass Clarinet, Jason Roebke-Bass, Marc Riordan-Drums, Toby Summerfield-Guitar. Second is Nick Broste-Trombone, John Herndon-Drums, Matt Lux-Bass, Toby Summerfield-Guitar