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Never Enough Hope: The Gravity of Our Commitment

Four Side-Long Compositions for the large-ensemble I lead and conduct.

Dina Maccabee, Erica Dicker-Violins; Amy Cimini-Viola; Kevin Davis-Cello; Brian Lipson, Jaimie Branch-Trumpets; Nick Broste-Trombone; Matt Bauder, Nick Mazzarella-Alto Sax, Keefe Jackson, Nick Anaya-Tenor Sax; Dan Bennett-Bari Sax; Colin Stetson-Bass Sax; Patty Farrell-Accordion; Ben Boye-Piano; Tim Tacket Brown, Dan Sylvester-Vibraphone; Nathaniel Braddock, Bill "Biggs" MacKay, Leroy Bach- Guitar; Matt Lux-Bass, Frank Rosaly, Tim Strand-Drums; Electronics on "You Cannot Fight" by Aram Shelton.

Recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio. Mixed by Greg and Sudio Greg Studio. Mastered by Shelly Steffens at Chicago Mastering.

Cover and label art by Brianne Hauger. Back cover by Irene Akio. Centerfold by Michael Guedri.

Millk Factory Productions

MFP007 2xLP Download, 10.3.2013

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Daisy Hatwich Jackson Summerfield: Exit Interview (slight return)

Last-minute, secret return-to-Chicago show at the Hungry Brain. Daisy drums, Hatwich bass, Jackson Tenor, Toby guitar.


Digital, 04/01/2013

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Toby Summerfield, Nick Broste, Jaimie Branch, Josh Berman, Jeff Kimmell, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Matt Lux, Jason Roebke, John Herndon, Marc Riordan, Quin Kirchner, Frank Rosaly: Exit Interview

A Collection of the last performances I did in Chicago before moving to Virginia. An on-air duo performance with Jaimie Branch from WNUR's "Killing The Vibe" hosted by Kimberly Seibel and recorded by Michael Corsa; two quartet sets at the Hideout, one with Jeff Kimmell, Jason Roebke and Marc Riordan, the other with Nick Broste, Matt Lux and John Herndon, all recorded by Todd Carter; a duo performace from Heaven Gallery with Josh Berman, recorded by Todd Carter; and a quartet at the Hungry Brain with Fred Lonberg-Holm, Quin Kirchner and Frank Rosaly recorded by Dave Zuchowski.

Digital Download, 3/1/2013


Chris Salmon/Toby Summerfield: Imaginary 10"

Two more songs written by Chris Salmon, played with Toby Summerfield and recorded by Brian Sulpizio. Salmon-Drums Guitar Vox. Toby-Guitar Bass. Ben Boye-Rhodes.

Digital (someday we may make a 10"), 1.1.2013

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AJ Kluth's Aldric: Anvils and Broken Bells

AJ put Aldric together out of his favorite or most-inspiring (quite flatteringly including me) in Chicago before decamping to New York City. AJ on tenor, melodica, electronics. James Davis on trumpet, electronics. Dan Thatcher on Electric Bass. Quin Kirchner on Drums. Toby Summerfield on Guitar.

OA2 Records

22085 CD and Digital, 2011

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The Ginger Group: The Ginger Group

The Ginger Group was Chris Salmon, Jacob Kart and myself. We wrote a bunch of tunes together, really, Chris wrote a bunch of tunes, Jacob wrote a couple, and we all helped make them happen. We recorded them and played one show. The record is featured in heavy rotation at Lemmings, in Chicago, and on a couple ipods.

Digital, 01/01/2010

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Toby Summerfield: Long and Lonesome

Two solo guitar sets, one at the Dreambait Series @the Hungry Brain, one at Elastic. Dreambait is an ambient music series put on by Vincent Theodore Naples, who recorded the set. The Elastic gig was opening for MALE, in place of a Frank Rosaly solo set. Frank had hurt his hip while playing a gig with me a night or two before. I had to cut out my hilarious commentary on that subject to make the track uploadable to bandcamp.

Digital, 3/1/2013

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Toby Summerfield: Soundtrack to "Aimless" a film by Laurence Vannicelli

Filmmaker Laurence Vannicelli commissioned me to write the soundtrack for his short film "Aimless." The approach I took was to through-compose material for the entire film and let him edit in and out what he saw fit. It was a matter of serious faith in both directions; firstly that I would give him usable material that added to the film and was editable to his liking, and secondly that he use the material I wrote in a meaningful way and that he feel comfortable unsentimetally editing the music to what he needed. I am quite satisfied both with the resultant film work and with this piece of music standing alone.

Check Laurence's stuff out here.


Digital, 12/12/2012

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Dina Maccabee: Who Do You Suppose You Are

In 2008 I was in Lawrence, KS on tour and I got a call from Dina. She was worried about turning thirty. Now, she's younger than I am and I wasn't yet thirty, but so be it. We talked about our satisfactions and disappointments in our music-making ventures. One thing led to another and I gave her this "assignment" to write a song a day for the rest of the time I was on tour and then we'd make it into a record. This is the fruit of that. Dina wrote all the tunes, I was a soundingboard. We worked out the arrangments together.  I play all the guitars and bass on the record. Dina asked the incomparable Eric Kuhn to play drums (and piano, surprise!). Dina plays the violin and sings.


Ante001 CD and Digital, 10/12/2010

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Dina Maccabee: California (single)

I sent dina about ten seconds of guitar playing in an email. She edited it into a song, which I re-learned and recorded myself playing on guitars, bass and drums at Chateau with Brian Sulpizio. I mailed it to Dina and she sang on it. We like to imagine we'll make a 7" of this song.


DMAC001 Digital, Imagninary 45rpm 7", 07/01/2010

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Anton Hatwich, Quin Kirchner, Aram Shelton, Toby Summerfield: Toby Summerfield Trio with Aram Shelton

My semi-regular trio with Aquinton Hatkirchwichner joined at the Skylark by Aram Shelton. Two sets, live, sound quality is a little muggy, which is to be expected given that it's at the Skylark.

Anton Hatwich-Bass, Quin Kirchner-Drums, Aram Shelton-Alto Saxophone, Toby Summerfield-Guitar.

Digital, 3/1/2013

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Algernon: Ghost Surveillance

Algernon is the brainchild of Dave Miller. I had the honor of playing in Algernon for a few years before Dave moved to NYC.




rune 297 CD, 2010

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Tobin Summerfield: Working Up To Full Reflection

A Collection of solo guitar and other semi-ambient material. Some tracks are one guitar live. Some tracks started with a long improvisation that I recorded a second or third improvisation alongside, making it a duo or trio of myself. Some feature the unpredictable contributions of deteriorating cassete tape.


digital, 10.27.2009

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Crush Kill Destroy: The World's Largest Area

Crush Kill Destroy's 4th record. Recorded at Chateau by Brian Sulpizio.

Brian Hacker-Guitar/vox Jacob Kart-Guitar Chris Salmon-Drums Toby Summerfield-Bass


Con078 Digital, 2/10/2009

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Never Enough Hope: Never Enough Hope live @the Av-Aeire 2008

The second of two nights in a row at the Av-Aerie to celebrate the release of "The Gift Economy."

Hanna Mathey, Sarah Neufeld, Dina Maccabee, Lili Wosko, Brian Lipson Jaimie Branch, Aram Shelton, Caroline Davis, Keefe Jackson, Matt Bauder, Stuart Bogie, Dan Bennett, Colin Steston, Marc Riordan, Katie Weigman, Patrick Farrell, Joshua Tillinghast, Nathaniel Braddock, Frank Rosaly, Tim Strand, Kevin Davis.

Recorded by the incomparable Jonathan Raymond.

Digital, 2/15/2008

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Never Enough Hope: The Gift Economy

The second set of material for the gigantic band. Composed fall 2006, recorded MLK day 2007. The beginning (at least in the cover art) of a trilogy depcting the struggles of the horned against the un-horned.


CON67 CD, 4.8.2008

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Never Enough Hope: Never Enough Hope

This is the Inaugural piece for the group Never Enough Hope. Recorded MLK-day weekend 2005, I believe.

Dina Maccabee, Amy Cimini, Kevin Davis, Brian Diblee, Aram Shelton, Stuart Bogie, Dan Bennett, Colin Stetson, Nathaniel Braddock, Joshua Tillinghast, Dan Sylvester, Tim Brown, Jason Adasiewicz, Tim Daisy, Frank Rosaly, Jason Ajemian.

Recorded by Jonathan Raymond at CLAVA in Chicago.


Digital, 1/15/2007

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Crush Kill Destroy and Aram Shelton: Crush Kill Destroy Imaginary 7"

Aram Shelton wrote, recorded and played saxophones on "Rooftops."

"This Alarm" is from an 87 west (a recording collective who recorded Metric Midnight) compilation CD.


Digital, Imagninary 45rpm 7", 3/1/2013

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Crush Kill Destroy: Metric Midnight

On Valentine's Day 2006, Contraphonic and No Karma Recordings paired with Crush Kill Destroy with the release of Metric Midnight, a spanning and soaring collection that winds and turns down an enigmatic road. From the first ominous touch of bass that opens the record to the frenetic fury of saxophones at its ending, Metric Midnight is Crush Kill Destroy's best music yet. The blossoming of snaking guitars cuts through the indefatigable drums, fully realizing the potential of their past and pointing towards the possibilities of their future.

No Karma Recordings

NOK 054 CD, February 14, 2006

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Toby Summerfield: When Somebody Else Didn't Come To Play

Solo Guitar music recorded at Myopic bookstore when my duo partner had to cancel.

Recorded by Jaimie Branch.

Digital Download

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The Wheel On My Back: The Seas Are Still Not Full



Digital, 4/1/2004

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Larval: Obedience

Larval's 4th record. I am only on some of the tracks. "One Day I Just Kept Walking" is a tune that's just Bill and I and it's one of my favorites.


CD and Digital, 2003

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hearing from the gap: middletown ct 9.11.2001

hearing from the gap was Brian Lipson-trumpet, Tim Brown-Drums, Toby Summerfield-Guitar. This show was at Matt Bauder's house in Middletown CT on 9/11. We played in NYC the night before and decided on the late-night drive. This performance was after spending the day at a swimming hole with a pallet of beer and returing to the pre-show potluck to discuss if we ought to play at all.

digital, 9/11/2001

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Crush Kill Destroy: Puncutate Our Phrases

CKD's first record. The gentlest of all our releases.

makoto recordings


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Bill Brovold: Childish Delusions

Bill Brovold's contribution to the Tzadik Composer's series. Essentially a Larval record but with an ear towards softer, sweeter texures.


7058 CD, May 2000

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Larval: Predator or Prey

Larval's third proper record. The first featuring compositions of mine. The original release on Knitting Factory mislabled my tune "One Last Fight" as ".... Flight". The ropeadope digital version seems to say "Pedator" rather than "Predator." This is the album of misspellings.

Ropeadope Digital

Digital, 5.9.2000

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Larval: 2

Bill Brovold's group "Larval." This is the 2nd Larval record, the first I play on. I'm on half the record.

Ropeadope Digital

Digital, 9/15/1998

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Poignant Plecostomus: Empoisson

Our third and final CD. Recorded at the hallowed 40oz. Sound in Ann Arbor. Released in time for our last performance.

Shumit DasGupta-bass, Patrick Farrell-Rhodes, Joel Robbins-violin, Joshua Tillinghast-drums, Toby Summerfield-guitar.


CD and Digital, September 1999

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Poignant Plecostomus: Touchez La Vache

Plecostomus' second CD. Recorded at Bill Brovold's studio and live. Featuring the work of the Ann Arbor Civic Theater's Cast of "Jesus Christ Superstar."

Shumit DasGupta-bass, Patrick Farrell-Rhodes, Joel Robbins-violin, Joshua Tillinghast-Drums, Toby Summerfield-Guitar


CD and Digital, 1998

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Poignant Plecostomus: Cuisine

Poignant Plecostomus' first CD issue. Recorded by Elias Reitz in the basement of the fabled Jefferson House by throwing an audio snake out his window and back in the basement window.

Shumit DasGupta-bass, Patrick Farrell-Rhodes, Joel Robbins-violin, Joshua Tillinghast-Drums, Toby Summerfield-Guitar


CD-r (originally) Digital, 1997

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The Blindspot Trio: Relics of the Thing

Recorded summer 2001. Patrick Farrell-Accordion, Piano, Rhodes, Concertina. Tim Strand-drums, percussions. Toby Summerfield-Guitars Basses.

digital, September, 2001

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hearing from the gap: Firefly 7/2/2001 (First Set)

recorded live at the Firefly in Ann Arbor 7/2/2001. Brian Lipson-Trumpet, Tim Brown-Drums, Toby Summerfield-Guitar.

Digital, August 2001

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hearing from the gap: Firefly 7/2/2001 (Second Set)

Recorded Live at the Firefly in Ann Arbor 7/2/2001. Brian Lipson-Trumpet, Tim Brown-Drums, Toby Summerfield-Guitar.

Digital, August 2001

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Colin Stetson-Bass and Alto Saxophones
Greg Fox- Drums
Shahzad Ismaily-Synth


LP, CD, DIgital, June 23, 2017

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